Thursday, May 30, 2013

Castillo San Simon Chardonnay

On Tuesday, I covered the Castillo San Simon Cab and it was okay.  Today, I'm doing wine two of three on their H-E-B offering: Chardonnay.  

Name: Castillo San Simon Chardonnay
Winery:  Castillo San Simon
Vintage:  NV
Region:  Spain
Alcohol by Vol.:  11.5%
Price:  $3.33
(Price can vary on state, taxes, the store's mark-up, and if you think that I'll ever find a good wine between $3 and $4.)

The Chardonnay was a light yellow with a bit of a green hue.  I typically see that in most Sauvignon Blancs I try, so that concerned me a little.  The sample gave off smells of peach and citrus.  There was nothing remarkable (good or bad) regarding the nose.

The wine was actually sweeter than I expected.  There was a pineapple flavor throughout and hints of the peach here and there.  the finish was short, mildly acidic, and continued to showcase the pineapple that was present from the beginning of the tasting.

Rating:  Never Again

I actually did not like this wine.  I felt like it did a bait and switch on me in terms of the nose vs. mouth and there was just something off about it.  Here is a transcript of my wife sampling the wine.

Wife:  What is that?
Me:  A Chardonnay.
Wife:  That's no good.  It doesn't even taste like one."

That pretty much sums it up.  It's not a chardonnay, but I couldn't tell you what it was trying to be.  Maybe, just maybe, if it had enough over the spring to get full and go hibernate for awhile, then it would have emerged as a beautiful Viognier.  If I had to guess, that is what most white wines dream of at night.